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In Memory of BG.Krazee

Attention Troopers,

22 August 2012 will mark the third anniversary of the passing of BG. Krazee.

Please join the Command Staff in remembrence of our fallen Brother

There will be a moment of silence and then brief service on Team Speak 22 Aug at 2000hrs CST.

Posted Image

Their will be a recording available for those unable to attend.

There will be no play on any server during the moment of silence (30 Seconds). MP/CID Personnel will be on hand to insure the peace. Anyone refusing to halt their play for 30 seconds will be removed from the game servers.


We miss you Brother... Heart still filled with sorrow, even after so many moons must be a sign you will never be forgotten...
Greatly missed brother, I never had the opportunity to meet you but wish I did. Embodiment of brotherhood, generosity, dedication, loyalty, honour, perseverance, and integrity.

Wish I could have met you Brother ! /Salute
Unfortunatelfy, I will be travelling that date.

Will be there in full dress Uniform

Rest in Peace brother.
Rest in peace
Rest in Peace brother.
We miss you Brother... /Salute
I sadly recall last years ceremony when LTC Don "2Step" Nichols spoke fo his dear friend. My hearts go out to the friend of James who sadly remain to bid him farewell, for he is in a better peacrful place than we.
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace. /Salute
Even though I have never known BG. Krazee but it is always a sad ordeal to lose someone from the Cav. Rest in peace brother!
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace
Rest In Peace
R.I.P. Brother
Rest in Peace
i also recall the previous remembrance day. The Arma2 guys really done allot, 21 gun salute and a server silence :D a day fit for BG. Krazze! \S
Rest in Peace brother /S
rest in peace Brother /Salute