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7th Cavalry Red Orchestra 2 Rules of Engagement

Version 1.0

1. Scope of the Rules of Engagement

This document is to serve as a complete compendium to the rules of the servers. This document contains all rules of the server in which the document was written for. If it is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable. Each rule will have specific definitions of the rule as well as elaborating the specified intent of the rule along with examples to help clarify the rules true intent. By the end of this document, no questions should be remaining as to what the rule meant and how it applies to the player.

2. Red Orchestra 2 - Public Server Rules
  • Aimed fire preferred but not required.
  • No spawn camping by tanks.
  • No blind usage of explosives.
  • No foul language, racism, or insults of any type will be tolerated.
3. Specific definitions of Red Orchestra 2 - Public Server Rules

The following is a numbered list of all server rules that are in accordance to the list of section 2. Each rule will have a subsection explaining the intentions of the rule and specific cases of the rule.
  • Aimed fire preferred but not required.
    • You should make a best effort attempt to use your sights of your weapons for firing;

    Spirit of the rule - In a realistic environment, you are not just going to start shooting in a general direction at your target hoping that they die. You would want to place effective fire on them. You can not do this without aiming. Occasionally you would find yourself in a position where that may not be possible to aim and fire hoping to hit. It does happen, but try to keep it limited and apologise to the person.

  • No spawn camping by tanks.
    • This includes purposeful and accidental occurrences;
    • If you are able to fire into the opposing teams spawn with the tank, you need to leave the area;
    • Intentionally choking a spawn area blocking all areas off from escape;
    • If there is another path out of the spawn, it is not spawn camping;

    Spirit of the rule - In certain situations, tanks can have the ability to fire into the opposing teams spawn point. If you are able to fire directly into the spawn, you need to leave the area to allow the opposing team a chance to get out of the area.
  • No blind usage of explosives.
    • You must see your target to throw grenades or fire explosives at an opposing target;
    • Recon/Mini-Map does not count as a valid visual account for the target;
    • Verbal communication in game or in Teamspeak 3/VOIP are valid indicators of hostile fire;
    • Tracers fired at you can be considered hostile and reacted upon;
    • Using grenades to clear a room is acceptable but you must follow it in after detonation;

    Spirit of the rule - These rules are designed to promote a tactical experience. In real life you would not have a mini-map telling you where people are. You would only have your own ears and as such should react upon that.

  • No foul language, racism, or insults of any type will be tolerated.
    • No swearing;
    • No racism;
    • This includes abbreviations;
    • This includes in-game names;
    • No insulting other players;
    • No going around the censor filter;
    • No elitist attitude toward others;
    • Treat others as you would your best friend;

    Spirit of the rule - The 7th Cavalry tries to make a fun environment for people of all ages. While our recruiting age may be 18, we do have younger members in our server and want to ensure that our servers are family friendly. If you wouldn't say it in-front of your own mother, you shouldn't be saying it here. If you feel that something is questionable, it is probably wrong.