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7th Cavalry Regiment Awards & Medals

The practice of awarding medals to the common soldier started long ago. The first formal system for rewarding acts of individual gallantry by this nation's fighting men was established by General George Washington on August 7, 1782. Designed to recognize 'any singularly meritorious action,' the award consisted of a purple cloth heart.

World War I saw the first Victory Medal and the use of devices such as stars, oak leafs and bars to denote additional awards or campaigns. New decorations were added to maintain the prestige of the Medal of Honor.

World War II saw the award system expand to provide a wider degree of decorations for valor and merit and more service medals to signify campaigns in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The 7th Cavalry Regiment continues this time honored tradition of recognizing individual gallantry on the field of battle.

Individual Medals
Medal Of HonorAwarded to a member of the 7th Cavalry for actions above and beyond the call of duty both in game and in real life situations
Brigadier General Krazee Lifetime Achievement Medal By order of the Commander only. copyright @ 7thcavalry.us
Command Sergeant Major Ronnie "Coldblud" Bussey Lifetime Achievement Medal

By order of the Commander only.

Army Distinguished Service CrossFor actions during clan wars/battles that are above the call of duty.
Defense Distinguished Service MedalAwarded for exceptional command of a Unit either in combat or meritorious or for being selected as Officer of the Year
Army Distinguished Service MedalAwarded for defense of the 7th Cavalry Regiment and its leader in foreign forums / or for exceptional command and service to the Cav
Silver StarFor courage and fortitude during a clan battle that goes beyond the call of duty.
Defense Superior Service MedalAwarded to members of the 7th Cavalry that render superior meritorious service without being asked or ordered to, or being selected as Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year.
Legion of MeritAwarded to a member that performs a service in the name of the 7th Cavalry the prevents a catastrophe from occurring.
Distinguished Flying CrossAwarded for Heroism during Flight Operations as Pilot of Helo or fixed wing aircraft.
Soldiers MedalAwarded for calling a Garry Owen on behalf of the 7th Cav or for taking the initiative to make critical decisions during time of lost communtications with higher leadership
Bronze Star With ValorAwarded for actions during a match that are deemed heroic.
Bronze StarAwarded for either bravery on the battlefield or for contributions or actions on behalf of the 7th Cavalry Regiment
Purple HeartAwarded for dying twice as many times as kills in the pursuit of a victory in a clan match.
Defense Meritorious Service MedalAwarded to a 7th Cavalry member for Joint collaboration in a department that is non combat related, or being selected as Enlisted Soldier of the Year.
Meritorious Service MedalAwarded for contributions of a technical matter to either the 7th cavalry or a member, or for meritorious service of a non combat nature.
Army Air Medal Awarded for actions involving air combat that do not qualify for the Distinguished Flying cross.
Joint Service Commendation MedalAwarded for joint operations with an allied unit against an enemy / hostile force.
Army Commendation MedalAwarded for contributions to the 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceAwarded for selflessness and heroism during combat.
Joint Service Achievement MedalThe Joint Service Achievement medal will now be issued whenever a 7th Cavalry member assists another allied Unit with technical assistance, or assistance of a non combat nature.
Army Achievement MedalThe AAM (Army Achievment Medal) is an award given to enlisted members, those who hold any rank From Squad Leader down, and contribute greatly to aid the 7th Cav either in battle or academic endeavors.
Prisoner of War MedalAwarded for being kept from his/her computer for an extended period.
Army Good Conduct MedalAwarded after 30 days of probation in good standing.
American Defense MedalAwarded for every year of service.
Womens Army Corp Service Medal Awarded to all female members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment upon reaching the rank of Private First Class.
European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign MedalAwarded for participating in a clan match against a unit of foreign origin resulting in victory.
WWII Victory MedalAwarded for participation in the Call of Duty World at War Area of Operation.
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Awarded to members of the 7th Cavalry that have participated in combat operations against hostile forces without an official declaration of war.
Iraq Campaign MedalTo members that have served in Iraq during the present conflict or awarded to members whos family have served in Iraq.
Afghanistan Campaign Medal

Awarded to members of the Regiment who have served their country's Armed Forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Armed Forces Service Medal  Awarded to members of the 7th Cavalry that are assigned to non combat positions in addition to their combat billet and serve with distinction for a period of 6 months or longer.
Humanitarian Service Medal Awarded to any 7th Cavalry member that helps out another whether financially, computer parts, games etc.
Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalAwarded to members of the 7th Cavalry that provide outstanding service to a non combat department to which they are not assigned.
NCO Professional Development RibbonAwarded each time a member promoted from sergeant and above.
Honor Graduate RibbonAwarded to a member for completion of a speciality course as the Honor Graduate.
Army Service RibbonAwarded upon completion of Boot Camp.
Overseas Service RibbonAwarded to a member that participates in multiple battles against a foreign clan without a declaration of War.
United Nations Service MedalAwarded to a trooper who participates in 3 or more operations during a campaign.
D Day Participation Ribbon Awarded to those that attend the Annual D-Day event in Oklahoma. COPYRIGHT @7thcavalry.us
Donation RibbonAwarded to a member that donates money to the 7th Cavalry Cause or assist with money in other ways.copyright@7thcavalry.us
Recruiting Ribbon7th Cavalry Recruiting Ribbon. Awarded for every 2 members that are recruited and graduate boot camp.copyright @7thcavalry.us
Regimental Recruiting RibbonRecruited 80 Troopers that graduated Boot Camp.
Reenlistment RibbonFor former members of the 7th Cavalry that had at least 1 year Time in Service at the time of their Discharge who reenlist after having been discharged/retired for at least 6 months. Copyright 7th Cavalry 2007
Special Forces RibbonAwarded upon selection to the Special Forces Unit of the 7th Cavalry. copyright @ 7th cavalry.us
Sniper RibbonThe sniper ribbon is awarded to all Cav members that graduate the 7th Cavalry Sniper Scout Course. copyright @ 7th cavalry.us
Basic Assault Course RibbonThe basic assault Course Ribbon is awarded to all those that graduate the B.A.M.C. course.copyright @ 7th cavalry.us
Cadre Course RibbonAwarded for the completion of the 7th Cavalry Cadre Training Course.
7th Cavalry Server Upgrade AwardAwarded to 7th Cavalry members that made a financial contribution to fund the project to upgrade the dedicated servers for the Regiment. A Silver Star Device denotes a total contribution of $50 or more, a Gold Star Device denotes $100.00 or more. ©
Combat Unit Citations
Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationAwarded to the 7th Cavalry Regiment for distinguished and heroic actions during combat operations as a Unit against hostile forces.
Joint Meritorious Unit AwardAwarded to unit elements that participate in combat operations with allied or affilated Units.
Army Valorous Unit AwardAwarded to Units that display valour and heroism as a whole during combat operations against hostile forces.
Army Meritorious Unit CommendationAwarded as a unit for actions of a Meritorious nature in which as a whole the unit contributed to the entire Regiment
Army Superior Unit AwardAwarded to units that distinguish themselves through extrordinary dedication and contribution to the 7th Cavalry Regiment
7th Cavalry Black Operations AwardAwarded to members of the 7th Cavalry that participate in a covert operation. copyright @7thcavalry.us
Skill Badges
Expert Marksman AwardAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores.
Sharpshooter Marksman AwardAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores.
Marksman AwardAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with average scores.
Rifle DeviceAwarded for scoring 200-350, 350-499, or 500+with a M1, Mosin Nagant, Kar98, or Enfield on the range.
Carbine DeviceAwarded for scoring 200-350, 351-499, or 500+ with the M1 Carbine on the Rifle Range
Machine Gun DeviceAwarded for scoring either 15, 30, or 50 kills with a machinegun during a match.
Grenade DeviceAwarded for scoring 10, 20 or 30 kills with a grenade.
Pistol DeviceAwarded for either 3, 6 or 9 by bash with a pistol.
M203 DeviceAwarded by personal order of the Command Sergeant Major.
Good Conduct Gold AttachmentThe Good Conduct Gold attachment is for service from 45 months to 61 months plus.
Good Conduct Silver AttachmentThe Good Conduct Silver attatchment is for service from 25 months to 44 months.
Good Conduct Bronze AttachmentThe good conduct Bronze medal knot is awarded for service from 5 months to 24 months of service. 
Combat Infantry Badge 4Awarded after 20combat match or being involved in 4 Clan Wars
Combat Infantry Badge 3Awarded after 15combat match or being involved in 3 Clan Wars
Combat Infantry Badge 2Awarded after 10combat matchs or being involved in 2 Clan Wars
Combat Infantry Badge Awarded after 5 combat matchs or after being involved in a clan war
Expert Infantry BadgeAwarded after 1 combat match
Jump WingsAwarded upon completion of Jump School.
Rangers RibbonAwarded upon completion of Rangers School.
Master Sniper

Awarded by the General of the Army. copyright @ 7thcavalry.us

Valor DeviceAttached to a medal for valor on the field of battle.
Oak Leaf ClusterAwarded for multiple award of the same medal.
Best RangerAwarded for the top graduate of every ranger school.
Special Forces TabAwarded to members that have completed Special Forces Training.
Sapper TabAwarded to Demolition Experts within the 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Army Aviator BadgeAwarded for passing the 7th Cavalry Aviation Course
Master Aviator BadgeAwarded for showing exceptional skill as a 7th Cavalry Aviator and being an aviation instructor.
Expert Field Medical BadgeAwarded upon completion of the Expert Field Medic Course.
Combat Medical BadgeAwarded to sustained actions during combat conditions. Must have the Expert Field Medical Badge to qualify
Master Jump WingsAwarded upon completion of Jump School Instructor Training.
Halo Jump WingsAwarded for completion of the 7th Cavalry Halo Certification Course.
Military Freefall Parachutist Jumpmaster Badge Awarded for Completion of Jump Master School.
Basic Aircrew Badge Awarded for passing 7th Cavalry Air Crewman Course.
Flight Surgeon BadgeCompleted Flight Surgeon Training
Master Halo Jump WingsAwarded upon completion of Halo Jump School Instructor Training.
Air Assault BadgeAwarded upon graduation from the 7th Cavalry Air Assault School
Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge

Awarded upon completion of the 7th Cavalry Explosive Ordinance Disposal School

Senior Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge

Awarded upon completion of the 7th Cavalry Explosive Ordinance Disposal School with Honors

Master Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge

Awarded for showing exceptional skill as a 7th Cavalry EOD and being an EOD instructor.

Recruiter Achievement MedalAwarded for recruiting 50 troopers that graduate Boot Camp.