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    We have raised $10 of
    our monthly expense of $450

Arma Clans

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Monthly Donations

Donation Ribbons Awarded - Oct 2012

The Donation Ribbon
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For making a financial donation to the 7th Cavalry Server fund

Is Awarded To


SPC. Michel Street awarded 2 Oct 2012 1st Donation
SPC. Michel Street awarded 10 Oct 2012 2nd Donation
SPC. Jordan Chase awarded 30 Oct 2012 2nd Donation


2LT. Walter Rocknowski awarded 2 Oct 2012 9th Donation
SPC. Aldrich Grief awarded 29 Oct 2012 3rd Donation
PFC. Justin Robinson awarded 31 Oct 2012 1st Donation


SGT. Nathan Redbeard awarded 12 Oct 2012 16th Donation
SPC. Issac Sweetwater awarded 18 Oct 2012 1st Donation
PVT. Bradley Holt awarded 20 Oct 2012 1st Donation
PVT. Yuri Mikhailov awarded 24 Oct 2012 1st Donation


SPC. Jameson Luckstone awarded 3 Oct 2012 9th Donation
SPC. P.J. Ramos awarded 16 Oct 2012 3rd Donation

Currently ELOA

SPC. Dimitri Wolf awarded 5 Oct 2012 1st Donation

Congratulations, and thank you for your support!

Ribbons for donations made to the Server Upgrade are forthcomming.


Processed C/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
Congrats gents
Processed C/2-7, ELOA S1/Milpacs updated.
Processed D/1-7, S1/Milpacs updated.

Congrats all and thank you for your contributions...
Congratulations and thank you!
Processed E/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
I think it would be beneficial to call out anyone that contributed – not just Cav members. I know I gave some money in Oct and will likely do again down the road. -hoovy
Congratulations to all !
Great effort all and thank you.
thanks and congrats!
well done fellas
congrats and thank you for your donation
Congratulations to all !
Congratulations to all !
Keep up the good work guys and thank you for your support.