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    We have raised $10 of
    our monthly expense of $450

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August 2012 Donation Ribbons Awarded

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For making a financial donation to the 7th Cavalry Server fund

Is Awarded To


WO1. Can Ozkan awarded 4 Aug 2012 8th Donation
PFC. Kevin Reiser awarded 9 Aug 2012 2nd Donation


SGT. Kevin Marvets awarded 22 Aug 2012 8th Donation


SPC. Tomas Berg awarded 12 Aug 2012 3rd Donation


PFC. Aldrich Grief awarded 1 Aug 2012 1st Donation
2LT. Walter Rocknowski awarded 2 Aug 2012 7th Donation
SPC. Billy Falgout awarded 4 Aug 2012 3rd Donation
SGT. Joel Gustafsson awarded 4 Aug 2012 11th Donation
CPL. Jared Bates awarded 5 Aug 2012 8th Donation
PFC. Sean Law awarded 9 Aug 2012 1st Donation
CPL. Magnus Mack awarded 24 Aug 2012 5th Donation


SPC. Sam Allen awarded 14 Aug 2012 2nd Donation


CPT. Rafal Walusiak awarded 10 Aug 2012 10th Donation
CPL. Doug Robertson awarded 12 Aug 2012 3rd Donation
1SG. Pablo Fanjul awarded 14 Aug 2012 22nd Donation


SPC. Jameson Luckstone awarded 5 Aug 2012 7th Donation
PFC. P.J. Ramos awarded 7 Aug 2012 2nd Donation


2LT. Aaron Fox awarded 17 Aug 2012 1st Donation
2LT. Steve Rogers awarded 17 Aug 2012 2nd Donation
SGT. Ron Jojo awarded 17 Aug 2012 1st Donation
PFC. Robert King awarded 17 Aug 2012 2nd Donation


PFC. Martin Pune awarded 29 Aug 2012 1st Donation

Not yet assigned

TRP. Harley Ryan awarded 28 Aug 2012 1st Donation

Congratulations, and thank you for your support!


Processed S1/MILPACS updated for "Not yet assigned"
Processed D/2-7 S1/Milpacs updated

Thank you everyone for your support!
Congratulations, thank you very much for your support!

Processed D/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated
Thank you for your support gentlemen,

Processed A/1-7, S1/Milpacs Updated
Thank You all for your continued contributions...
Congrats gents , thank you for your support
Thanks for your support.
Processed B/2-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
Thank you for your support Gentlemen.
Thanks for the support!

Processed B/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
Congratulations and thanks for the support !
Thank you all for your help to maintain this great brotherhood we have
Thanks guys!

Processed C/2-7 S1/Milpacs updated
Processed C/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
TY Guys.
Way to represent Delta Company!
Processed S1/Milpacs Updated
Way to go ! grats
Congratulations to all, and thanks for the support !
Processed C/2-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
Congrats and thank you!