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ARMA2 SRT :: 004-12 Graduation

To all who shall see these presents greetings,

The ARMA 2 Sniper Class has come to completion, the following individuals have spent the past 9 weeks proving their salt and honing the relevant skill sets. In addition they endured delays beyond their control, showing patience, one of the prime virtues of a Scout Sniper

They are awarded the designation of Sniper for ARMA 2, and are authorized all regalia associated therein

Posted Image

The Graduates of ARMA 2 SRT are as follows

Sergeant Etienne, Saint

Sergeant Dracborne, Warrick

Corporal Allen, Sam

Corporal Montgomery, Chris

Specialist Chase, Jordan

The above listed have also earned a HALO Certification and are authorized to use their training as a method of insertion in First Batallion Operations henceforth.

Posted Image



I would like to congratulate my fellow graduates. Also:

Posted Image
Grats to the fellow grads!
Congrats to my fellow classmates! Awesome awesome class!
Grats men. Well deserved.
Congratulations all!
Congratz! Wish I stayed :P

Processed D/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated
Great Job Gang!!!!
Congrats gents
Congrats guys!
Congrats...was a pleasure being shot by some of you
Congratulations Carlo Spicy Wiener.
Congrats guys.
Congratulations Eagle Eyes, nice work!
Excellent work gentlemen.
Especially SGT.Drac - Hooah!
Congratulations Sir's well done
Congratulations, Gentlemen. And always remember: We have fun here.

Processed E/1-7 S1/Milpacs updated.
Congrats Gents! I would like to point out that SGT.Dracborne worked hard to get his tab and award. He was in the server by himself practicing and getting himself ready for this last day or phase. Great work SGT.Dracborne.
congratulations gentlemen